As July comes to an end, one can say it has been a pretty good roller coaster ride as far as the weather is concerned here in the A-K Valley.  The past couple of days have been quite cool, after the previous few being quite warm and muggy.  It’s pretty hard to figure the weather around here as it changes continually.  That’s probably a good reason why the weatherman gets it wrong so many times. 

Personally, I’d still take this versus the excessive heat of Florida or, the continual disasters in California.  The only thing I would like to see more of around our area, is some more sunshine.  We have way too many cloudy and overcast days.  But, thankfully, we miss a lot of the catastrophic disasters they have in some areas of the country. 


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Driving around Tarentum, Brackenridge and Natrona Heights recently, I’ve noticed a few interesting characters roaming the streets.  First, there is the black dude who walks up and down Freeport Road dressed as a King replete with cape and crown one day, then another time he is dressed as the devil.  When he’s dressed as the devil, he has his cape, trident and horns on his head.

Then there is the other guy, a white guy who is walking up and down the same street picking up trash with one of those sharp sticks, just like on TV.  First time I thought is might be someone doing community service, until I saw him out after 10 PM with a flashlight doing the same thing.  It’s at this point I start to wonder if he too is just another kook running around loose. 

Of course all this brings back the memories of Maxwell, not that anyone else can match the legendary status of Max and his variety of costumes but, these two might be on their way.  Has anyone else noticed these two? 


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Summit Hose is again sponsoring the fireworks display at the Tarentum Park and ball fields on Thursday.  Kudos to those guys for working to raise the money and make it a special day.  There are many communities who do not have fireworks because of the cost and the effort it takes to put the event together.  Sadly, we are losing a lot of our customs and traditions in this country.  This is one of the few things left which many of us have been a part of since our youth. 

Something to remember is that this kind of things takes hard word and a huge effort to put together. It just doesn’t happen by magic.  Unfortunately, there are less and less people willing to take on the work and responsibility of putting community events together.  When you attend many of these events you notice alot people walking around who seem to have the attitude that they are entitled to fireworks, entitled to a community pool, entitled to an Easter egg hunt or entitled to a Halloween Parade.  Most of these people think that it’s the job of others to provide them with recreation and events but, never their own.  If you enjoy this kind of thing, why don’t you think about helping in some way?  Duh! It’s not everyone else’s job to provide you with entertainment and good times.  Stop being a leech and start being a contributor.


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It looks as if the Supreme Court has put a damper on the power that President Obama perceives himself to have as they decided in a 9 to 0 vote that his recess appointments were illegal and also ruled that employers with strong religious beliefs to the contrary do not have to pay for contraceptives for women who are insured under the forced government insurance known as Obamacare. 

This is a particularly strong slap in the face to a president who gives the impression that he believes he has the authority to operate outside the Constitution and laws of the land.  When you hear him speak all he talks about is taking unilateral executive action to do whatever he wants. Thankfully, we have a Constitution with a built-in separation of powers, and checks and balances to control a president, who would like nothing more than to implement his ideology by royal decree.

God bless the Founding Fathers to be so foresight to realize that there would always be a possibility in the future for an individual or group seeking absolute control.  Thankfully, there is court that was put in place to oversee that the Constitution would be followed centuries after it was written.

We know enough about this president to expect him to try to continue his abuses and his efforts to rule by decree so, we can expect the court to have to continue to act a buffer between the Constitution and the abuses of power by this executive. 


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Read about the five car accident yesterday near A and B Pizza on Freeport Road.  Saw another bad one today near the Burtner house.  Also cars flipped over in Lower Burrell and Allegheny Township over the past few days.  It’s no wonder with all the speeding and tail-gating idiots driving around here.  For God’s sake you morons, SLOW DOWN and get off the bumper of the car in front of you. 


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Interesting comment in Friday’s paper by the VND Editors regarding the former Highlands AD and how he came about acquiring the job, despite what the VND says was a lack of qualification.  Ah, the ugly head of political cronyism.  Sometimes you ride it, sometimes it rides you.  Seems like something that was written about on this blog back on May 21st.  Certainly, can’t disagree with anything they said. 

School boards can be dirty little creatures and small town politics is such a joke.  I hate to say this because I know many excellent school directors and politicians that  served with honor but, boy there have certainly been some assholes along the way. 

If you think I’m kidding about the cronyism take a look at all the relatives and friends that have been hired in your local government and school board entities.  You might be surprised.  Not that all the workers are bad but, just stating the fact that there sure is a ton of inbreeding. 


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Michelle Benvenuti really knocked it out of the park with her letter regarding the publishing of the names of the tax scofflaws in the newspaper, by Highlands School District.  It’s evident as she pointed out that many of these people didn’t hit hard times as they would like us to think.  Some NEVER paid their taxes once.since they bought the properties in question.  Many collect rents and don’t pay.  Their attitude has, as she so eloquently pointed out, has become a habit and not a “rough patch.”   It’s a joke.  Many of these people deserve our scorn, shunning and ridicule.  They are taking money out of the pockets of those of us who pay our school taxes.  You can bet that many of these people don’t pay their local taxes or their county taxes.  

Whomever she may have been responding to in her letter must be an idiot, non-taxpayer or friend or relative of a scofflaw or any combination of these.   The burden becomes so much greater on those of us that pay, and it’s not fair.   Why does it seem that those of us who do things the right way get punished, while the laws favor, those that don’t? 




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