After the Harrison Township Commissioners approved a zoning change on Freeport Road in the vicinity of the old Heights Elementary School, it looks pretty much like a slam dunk that a Sheetz Gas Station will be moving in, along with the transfer of the CVS Pharmacy from the Heights Plaza.

It appears the township and school district will benefit with the added tax revenue.  Any thoughts?


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Once more a terrible and tragic accident on Freeport Road in Harrison Township has claimed the life of a township woman.  How many accidents and deaths have to occur on that road before people slow down and start paying attention to driving when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle?  I understand that not all details on this tragedy have been released and speed or distraction many not have been a factor in this particular accident but, based on the kind of driving I’ve seen on this road, something needs to be done.  Too much speed, too many distracted drivers, and too many blind spots on that stretch.
Pulling out of those side streets onto Freeport Road is a dangerous gamble.
The problem is magnified with elderly folks driving, just as it is with younger drivers.  It would be in the best interest of people in their 80’s to not be driving but, for many,  it’s their only way of getting out and about.  A very sad story about another victim of the death stretch that is,  Freeport Road.


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Well Highlands School District is on the evening news again.  This time it’s about a hazing incident involving the soccer team.  Apparently, some players decided it would be a good idea to duct tape one of their teammates (who happens to be autistic) to one of the goal posts and leave him out their for 15 minutes.  According to reports the kid was terrified and screaming.  Evidently, he was set free after some people heard his screams. 

Of course the question then becomes who did this, and where was the coach.  Also, when did this happen?  Was it before or after practice when the coach wouldn’t be expected to be around, or was it during a time when there should have been some supervision? 

I see many people are already jumping the gun and convicting the coach before all the facts are out.  This is a mistake and blatantly unfair.  Facts make all the difference in the world in situations like this and many times people form an opinion before they have them all.  I think the coach deserves a fair chance to tell his side of the story and this mob mentality needs to be calmed until the whole story comes out.  How about we try to be fair and grown up for a change? 


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There are some pretty reliable sources saying that some kids from New Ken-Arnold were over at the Highlands vs Apollo-Ridge Football Game last Friday night looking to fight with some kid or kids from Highland and that nine were arrested and one had a gun.  There has been no report of this in the newspaper as far as I know.  So the question becomes, if true, why is there no reporting of this?  It also shows that if someone wants to bring weapons to a high school event, it’s pretty tough to stop. 
People get all caught up with whether or not schools should have metal detectors at school entrances or not.  Not much consideration or coverage, is given to outdoor events like football games, soccer, track or baseball games.  Everyone likes to make themselves feel better by thinking there is safety at schools but, with all these open air activities, people need to remember it’s not 100% foolproof. 

Once again, when news like this is withheld, it gives the appearance that either the local police, or the school district is trying to keep a lid on this kind of stuff. 

In my opinion, this kind of information should not be withheld.  At the very least, if it isn’t true, the story should be put out to quell all the rumors. 


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Driving around the A-K Valley, one can’t help but notice the increasing number of freeloading bums roaming the streets and neighborhoods. Daytime or nighttime, it doesn’t matter.  This includes both men and women.  The men with their baggy pants, backwards hats, no shirts, looking like they have never held down a job or would know how to do one if they had the chance.  Then of course there are the women, walking along squeezed into their skin-tight brightly colored outfits, that are three sizes too small, pushing their baby buggies and dragging along two or three other little ones who have that deer in the headlights look in their eyes.   Sadly, we can only expect more of the same from them as they develop in this kind of environment.  When your closest role models are a pair of lazy, uneducated, pair of dopes, who’s only skill is popping out more welfare babies, there isn’t very much chance of success.  Oh, and if you are thinking the “village” will raise them right, forget about it.  We in the village have had it with your expectations that we will do it all for you. 

Ah, the great American welfare state.  People with no jobs, no education, dumb as rocks, who wait for their monthly dole from the taxpaying citizens, who are stuck footing the bill for all this absurdity.  When you take away responsibility and make this lifestyle generational, you end up with people, who have no motivation to work, no skills or interest in carrying their share of the load. Perhaps the saddest part is that they expect this to continue forever and have no desire to lift themselves up. 

Next time you drive around the valley communities, take a look around at what’s out there.  I mean REALLY take a close look.  It’s hard not to be disheartened.



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I can’t say enough about the assholes driving in the Alle-Kiski Valley.  Wrecks everyday and everywhere.  Morons flipping their cars, speeding and driving distracted no matter where you are.  In New Kensington, Tarentum, Harrison, Harmar, everywhere.  How about that dumb ass in the Mercedes passing on the median of the road and then bringing down the light pole onto the highway and causing inconvenience for hundreds of people.  What an idiot you are lady. Too bad the grim reaper was busy, because you deserve to meet up with him.  I hope the police take your license away for a year or two and keep you off the road.  Someone that makes a decision like that is a danger to all. 

Then of course the kid driving the SUV near the Mills Mall who ends up flipping the car on himself, and he and his passenger were not wearing seat belts.  Shows you how much good the laws they try to make controlling younger drivers, are doing.  When you are dealing with an immature, careless kid, laws don’t mean much.  And it’s not like these accidents are minor fender benders.  They are bad ass, car flipping, Fast and Furious type wrecks.   Hopefully, his parents take away his license till he’s 21, it the police don’t do it first. 

Let me just get to the point, many of you driving our roads are complete stupid morons.  You might be nice people, you might be smart people, good looking and everything else but, when you get on the road, you become total idiots.  I want to live and I would like to assume, you want to live too?  Right?  Just remember, if you hit me or my family, and you’re driving like an jerk, you better make sure I’m dead ,because I’ll be looking for you. 

** If you want to keep up with all the latest information on all these local car accidents, be sure to check out the web site which provides excellent information daily.  Better and faster local news than the Valley News.


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There are several pretty good restaurants in the AK Valley.  Tops on the list has to be Falsetti’s Villa in Cadogan.  The food is great the atmosphere is too and the portions are amazing.  Though it is an Italian Restaurant, there are a wide variety of other menu options from salads to crabcakes, sandwiches and every in between.

Other pretty good places are the Longhorn Steakhouse at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall, The Texas Roadhouse in Butler and Shanghai Tokyo on Route 356 in Sarver.

When I go out to eat I consider food quality, price and portions to be the three most important considerations and in my humble opinion, all of these places I mentioned are great in all three catagories.

Anyone else out there have any additions to this list?


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