Interesting the amount of fawning and coddling by the local media of convicted rapist and accused spousal abuser, “Iron” Mike Tyson.  Every one of the three local TV stations, used their anchors to tease their stories about Tyson, to which they all gave a gracious amount of airtime. 

KDKA, WTAE and WPXI were all drooling over themselves to do fluff pieces about this knucklehead.  Then, to top it off the Valley News couldn’t resist putting his mug on the front page with a bunch of locals, who also rolled out the red carpet.  Geez, you would have thought the Pope was coming to town. 

Pretty much shows how messed up things are in the media and in the country.  I hope all those clowns that were exposing their kids to this guy are proud.  I’m sure the kids will be, when they can look back 30 years from now and say, “we met a famous rapist.”  

Isn’t the glorification of the famous a sad sad thing.  I guess the local media and others were just so happy that anybody with a recognizable name would come to Pittsburgh and the A-K Valley.  Maybe next we can line up a serial killer or war criminal? 


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I wonder sometimes how this mall can survive.  When you go in during the week, there are hardly any people shopping.  Some days it’s nearly empty.  There are a few places doing well but, for the most part I just don’t see how some of those stores can even afford to turn their lights on. 

Look at what has happened since the mall opened.  I don’t think that mall would have been built if it had been started a year or two later.  Based on how the U.S. economy has tanked, I really think it would have been canned. Also, I think they made some serious errors in the type of stores they put in there, for this particular area.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice looking mall but, there are a ton of vacancies and probably more to come.   If you follow economic trends, there is a lot of buzz out there about Sears, Penny’s and even Macy’s being in serious trouble.  What will happen if the mall loses some of the main anchors?  Who could they get to fill in Sears huge space?  They haven’t even been able to fill the old Borders Books spot.  According to much of what is being written today, malls all around the country are in trouble.  It has become less fashionable to go shopping at malls and the malls are being forced to adapt to that.  Even the Pittsburgh Mills has adapted some already, with having a couple of schools and a church in there.  You can tell they are in trouble based on what happened already.  A bowling alley closed very quickly, a car dealership never materialized, apparently a water park and hotel aren’t coming, nor did the race track ever open. 

Hopefully, for the Alle-Kiski Valley, the Mills Mall will make a strong comeback but, that probably won’t happen until the American economy does first and right now there isn’t much of an indication that is going to happen any time soon.  Here is an interesting site to read more about America’s Malls.


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For a small town, Springdale sure is a hotbed for controversy.   If it’s not the police department providing the entertainment then, it’s the local school board.   Sleeping cops, swearing cops, leaky roofs and everything in between.

It’s amazing to me how much worse these small towns are, with their petty politics, back-room dealings, back-stabbing council people or personal agenda driven-school board members.  Most of our local communities have this kind of nonsense going on, or have had it in the recent past.  There is no question, many people have an agenda when they get on these councils or school boards, and they usually push through their whims with a 5-4, or 4-3 vote.  Tarentum has seen it, Brackenridge has as well, and of course, the Highlands School Board.  The Highlands board has been functioning in two camps (or factions if you will)  for years now.  It culminated a few years ago, when the board was run by a majority of “maroons” that spent millions fixing up a dilapidated old Tarentum High School, because the member pulling the strings of the other four puppets, didn’t want to see his old High School closed down. Prior to that it was the 5-4 vote allowing the building of an unneeded football stadium, that requires a million dollars (or more) in maintenance, every decade.   These examples are very much like that which is occurring in Springdale right now.  Local officials (made up of local residents) who instead of working together for the best interests of the community, stake out a personal agenda, build a working majority, and ram through whatever they please.   Apparently, there is no amount of bad publicity, or public embarrassment that affects these people.

I have to say that Harrison Township has been a refreshing exception from this stupidity.  There is usually very little negative news about that township , or very few, if any, examples of their supervisors fighting among themselves.  They appear to get along well and don’t seem to pull the rug out from each other, and appear to .  Kudos to them.


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Don't Hate Me Cause I Love My Country

Don’t Hate Me Cause I Love My Country

Who can blame the Russians for seeking to unite their brethren under the flag of the Motherland?  Just because they don’t want to commit national suicide like the USA is doing, by allowing themselves to be overrun by foreigners or, are willing to aggressively unite people of their common heritage,  doesn’t mean we should think badly of them.  Crimea is populated by a majority of people who consider themselves to be Russian rather than Ukrainian, so it only makes sense for them to want to be united with there fellow ethnics.  Americans seem to have a hard time seeing this what with us being in the fifth decade or so of our own self destruction and loss of national identity.  Just because the Russians don’t want to join us in our destruction, is something we should admire, rather than loathe, about them.  Vladamir Putin is a strong Nationalist who seeks to preserve the Russian culture and identity, Just because America is currently run by weak leadership, from the President right down through Congress, certainly doesn’t mean others should feel the same.  Think about it, cultural preservation and unity, versus diversity.

It’s pretty much common sense that the people in Crimea belong more with Russia than with anyone else.  Their language, history and culture are more Russian than Ukrainian.  We should have learned a lesson after WWI that just because someone draws a line on a map, that throws together a bunch of different people, with different languages, traditions and customs, doesn’t make it right, or doesn’t mean it’s going to work.

Before you think badly of what the Russians are doing, stop and consider how nice it would be if our leaders were so strongly nationalistic and willing to do whatever it takes to preserve the American Heritage.  Don’t forget how much older the nation of Russia is compared to us and how much more they are united by cultural identity.  Diversity that has been preached in America for the past 50 years or so, has never worked anywhere in the world or at any time in history.  Putin and the Russians know this, apparently, we Americans do not.

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Finally, a Sheetz Gas Station appears to be coming to Natrona Heights.  I could care less about the CVS that is coming with it but, the Sheetz is long awaited.  Not sure I’ll be too happy about the traffic light the will be putting up as it’s just another thing to slow you down on Freeport Road.  Everything is a trade off, and I guess there isn’t much that can be done about it.  I guess the thing here is to focus on the positive and that will have do.  God, that trip from Tarentum up Freeport Road to the Walmart is already a nightmare and adding another light won’t help.  And now since the lights are operated by cameras/motion sensors, there is no manual way to try to set them better.  Ah, what sacrifices we must make to finally get that Sheetz. Hope they keep their prices low.  lol yeah right!


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     I was just thinking that pretty soon Walmart and the other stores can start putting out their Christmas stock.  After all, we wouldn’t want them to miss out on getting that dollar out of your pocket sooner rather than later, would we?  Come on Walmart, get those Christmas displays up, there are a lot of people ready to drop everything and come shopping.


Dumb-ass shopper


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Apparently it’s a good place to get your head bashed in.  News of the guy that got chased in there by a couple of lowlifes who proceeded to pop his melon with a baseball bat, makes you wonder about the safety of anyone around these parts anymore.    I’m guessing there is more involved in the “why” of this story but, we certainly know the how.   Lots of lowlifes in the world anymore and Natrona Heights is no exception.  It’s a sad commentary on life today but, it’s the way America has “devolved” in the last 30 or so years. 

People can deny it all they want but, the reality is, our country is a mess and much of it has to do with how the attitudes and practices of far left liberalism have infiltrated America.   Loss of morality, values and traditions are sure to bring down a culture rather quickly.  It’s happening here at a fast rate. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of either of the extremes of the political spectrum but, in my view, it’s the liberal mentality that changed America and helped speed up the “de” volution of our country. 

I don’t see things getting any better and if you look at what’s happening with our government overstepping it’s bounds, scandals at every level of government, spying on citizens etc., it’s hard not to believe it’s worse. 

An incident like the one at BP is just more evidence of a society and people out of control, with no internal filters and control of themselves.  How did people get like this?  Poor upbringing, entitlement mentality, no fear of punishment, dysfunctional family?  Any or all of the above, all created by the liberal mentality and it’s effects on America.


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