Primary day is over in the A-K Valley and the results are in.  With the exception of a couple of races, turnout was very low.  It’s evident people don’t care and don’t want to be bothered with voting.  Apparently, we are content to accept any person (genius or moron) that is willing to run.  It’s a sad state of affairs that is only going to get worse as our public schools (like Highlands), continue to diminish the importance of History, Civics, Government and anything that has to do with patriotism.  While our concern regarding math, reading and science may be commendable, our growing disregard for the Social Studies is appalling.  With the state pushing standards that also devalue the social sciences, how crazy is it to think it’s a government plot to keep the electorate as stupid and uninformed as possible?  It’s much easier for those in power to control a gaggle of nincompoops, than it would be to manage a well-educated and interested citizenry. 

I don’t just have a problem with people not voting, I have a problem with the STUPID people who are voting. In my opinion, all of this is exacerbated by the lack of our schools having strong and relevant academic programs to address this problem.   Honestly, how much time do we spend finding out information about the candidates, what they stand for and what their SPECIFIC plans are, should they be elected?  How else can you explain the election of tax scofflaws, people with arrest records or dead people?  It’s not only here in the A-K Valley but nationally as well.  The people who founded this country planned ahead for many things.  They were men of vision and conviction but, they NEVER could have envisioned that a nation of lazy, uninformed and uninspired voters, would be be electing the leaders of the future.  That is not progress, it’s regress.

Remember the book, The Fall of the Roman Empire?  We are living it!  So much for learning from the mistakes of the past.


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Now the semi-annual hypocrite Catholics can give way to the weekly hypocrite Catholics.  See you at Christmas!  Karl Marx was correct when he said, “religion is the opiate of the masses.”   Last time I heard a sermon in church was at a wedding and it was awful, uninspiring and boring.  Last time I heard a really good sermon in church was…….never.  Bringing in some Opium might not be a bad idea.


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My question is WHY?  Oh goodie, we got a store for farmers that sells horse supplies, live chicks and overpriced Carhart farmer clothes.  Combine this with that awesome Goodwill store we got a few years ago, it’s just too much.  Where are the restaurants we kept hearing were coming?  It says a lot about this area, doesn’t it.  We’ll be lucky to ever get out of the 20th Century. 

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We spend a lot of time in this country honoring veterans or at least trying to.  Much of it is contrived and forced.  It happens at sporting events, schools and communities, on TV and elsewhere.  The problem is, with these broad, generic pats on the back, is that they tend to equate all veterans, as if the service of a man who landed on Omaha Beach are equal to the guy who spent four years as a cook on a military base in California.  In my view, it is horribly unfair to equate the two in any way.  A veteran who served in combat, in a life and death situation, should never be brought down to the same level as a solder who never left the states.   All solders who served honorably,  deserve accolades but, combat vets deserve more, much much more.  To do anything else is to denigrate the sacrifices of all those who died on the battlefield.  Life is full of distinctions, and there should certainly be one here. 

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Based on the realities of the day , it would seem the merger of Tarentum and Brackenridge would be a good idea.  Based on the realities of the day, it will never happen.  Despite having a connection in some areas such as, a combined Little League, working together on parades, cooperating on police coverage, belonging to the same school district and others, these two neighboring communities would never give up their autonomy.  When it comes to the suggestion of becoming one,  these two councils would never consider it.   One thing about small town politics is the tendency to create your own little kingdom and be inclined to want to rule over them without interference.  There’s probably little doubt that merging would be financially beneficial to both communities, unfortunately, it will probably never happen.

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What’s been going on with the Heights Plaza Shopping Center for the past 2-3 years?  This is a pretty common question being asked around the community.  Unfortunately, getting answers to this question is proving to be lot tougher than anyone would suspect.  Since we are unable to find anything out, then we must resort to rumors and hearsay to develop our own (and possibly incorrect ones)

It’s obvious that whomever now owns the property, doesn’t really give a shit if it gets repaired well, and is turned back into the thriving community hotspot that it once was.  Even an untrained eye can see that the so-called repairs (now into their third year) are being done on the “very cheap.”  And there is obviously no hurry to get the project completed, and I’m guessing it’s because those in the “saddle” are getting some money to put into their pockets.  In other words some prick somewhere, is probably lining his or her wallet with the money they are getting for the rebuilding, then doing the work as cheaply as possible, and pocketing the difference. Thus, is the curse of outside ownership.  it’s immediately obvious to anyone with working eyes that they are doing a garbage job of rebuilding.  From the cheap looking materials, to the lack of the old covered walkway, it’s evident, they are building a Trojan Horse.  It looks good from afar but, is a big box with a giant hole in it. 

Based on what we are seeing to the “renovation” of the structure, it’s not hard to figure that they will do little else to improve the area surrounding the Plaza.  Have you seen the parking lot?  It looks like it was carpet bombed.  What about the rusted light poles, the burned out bulbs and the trashy cracked up concrete on the sidewalks.  Do you think the current owners are going to repair, repave and rebuild the entire area.  Well, in the event you are undecided about an answer, let me help you………….NO NO NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!.   I can guarantee that when their Mickey Mouse repairs are done, they will cut and run faster than speeding bullet. 

This all would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and placed such a serious blow to the Natrona Heights Community.   The Plaza was (is) a showcase for our township.  It’s the central point of reference for all of Harrison Township.  It is what everyone,residents and visitors alike, see on an almost daily basis.  It needs to become a source of pride and a location for thriving businesses to provided products and services for the community and the area.  If done correctly, by someone with the resources, knowledge and care for the community, it can once again become a great source of pride for all. 

I would like to think this is a project of main concern to our Commissioners and all local governments and they would be willing to step forward and use their influence and resources to help make this happen in a way it benefits the entire area.  They can not allow this vital community resource to become a blighted, eyesore with empty storefronts and moss and vine covered buildings.  Rebuilding and re-strengthening the Heights Plaza should be Priority Number One!!!


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Our local communities are under siege by mother nature and there isn’t much anyone can do about it.  Driving out on the local roads on Valentine’s Day was brutal as wind and icy conditions made travel scary.  Tarentum, Brackenridge, Fawn and Natrona Heights road crews had a tough time keeping up.  Best thing to do is stay home if at all possible.


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